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At Beam Clean we are always on the lookout for more friendly, reliable, cleaners who take pride in their work, to join our team…


We understand that the cleaners we employ are responsible for all our domestic cleaning success. So, we aim to keep you (our cleaners) happy. We do this by best matching your working needs to our clients cleaning ones. Meaning you get to work in a be working in a fun, friendly environment. If you think you have what it takes to be a domestic cleaner. Join the Beam team today.


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Why work with us?


Local work
We match the job based on location to reduce the amount of travel time for you.


Domestic cleaning only
We provide domestic cleaning only – we won’t ask you to do commercial cleaning.


Whilst you are working for our clients, we provide important insurance cover in case of accidents or breakage


When you’re sick or on holiday we provide temporary cover, to help give you time to rest and recover.


Increased hourly rates
we offer one-off cleans with and pay an increased hourly rate.


Meeting Clients
We offer an initial meeting with our client, to go over when and what needs cleaning. This gives you the opportunity to see if the work that’s asked suits you. If not, you can say no. its up to you!


Secure income
You will have your own clients who you will visit weekly or fortnightly. Payment is on the day by the client. Plus, we are constantly updating you on potential clients you can take board, helping you earn more…


We provide great flexibility with our work and match cleans around the hours that best suit you.

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